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LP Benefits has Payroll Solutions to help you focus on what you do best

Every successful business owner knows that they need to focus on their own core competencies and those of their teams rather than ancillary business activities.

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Employee Benefit plans to motivate your team

Nowadays, dangling an attractive salary in front of a prospective hire doesn't always guarantee his acceptance of the position. Numerous studies have shown that

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Are you using your organization’s voluntary insurance benefits?

Voluntary insurance benefits often go unnoticed yet they are an excellent benefit to you as an employee.  The beauty of this type of insurance is that it is pr

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Is your employee program in compliance?

Employee programs are notoriously hard for a small business to manage. In most cases, the laws governing the process change on a yearly basis. Not only do compl

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Don’t miss out on small business health care tax credits

If you own or manage a small business, you should know that covering at least one-half of employee health insurance premiums might make you eligible for a tax c

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Are you taking full advantage of your employee benefits program?

Employee benefits are often used as a draw card to secure the most talented employees. A good employee benefits package includes a health, dental, and vision in

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Employee benefits programs for small business owners

When your business is in its early stages of growth, employing between 2 and 99 employees, the opportunity exists for you to establish what type of company you

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Does your employee benefit program motivate your organization?

While most entry-level employees simply concern themselves with the salary that they will make, more seasoned ones understand that the associated benefits packa

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