Should My Small Business Offer Group Benefits?

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No one could have predicted the impact that coronavirus had on businesses in the United States, let alone Florida. In situations like these, it helps give employees peace of mind that they are still covered by group benefits offered by their employer. If you’re a small business owner in Fort Lauderdale and feel your group benefits aren’t the best or you want to start offering group benefits, then look no further than Lewis & Palmer Benefits! Rather than deal with middlemen or agents, Lewis & Palmer Benefits works directly with small business owners to ensure you’re paying the same or less for the coverage and benefits we are providing.


Small Business Employee Benefits

At Lewis & Palmer Benefits, we understand that group benefits can be a confusing topic for small business owners. This reason is why Lewis & Palmer Benefits developed a small business owner’s guide to group benefits! Our guide provides step by step assistance in the group benefits process. It informs small business owners about what group benefits we offer, costs, and how meetings will work between you and Lewis & Palmer Benefits.


Lewis & Palmer Benefits works with you to understand your business’ unique needs and budget so that we may offer the best-customized combination of group products available. Some of the group benefits that Lewis & Palmer Benefits offers to small businesses includes:

  • Group Health
  • HSA, FSA and HRA Plans
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Payroll and HRIS
  • Section 125 Admin
  • Workplace Benefits
  • And more!

In our initial meeting, we will speak with everyone and gain more information about familial growth, life changes, moves, etc., so that we are adjusting plans accordingly. An essential piece of information Lewis & Palmer Benefits stresses to small business owners is that these are benefits, not rights. You can present these benefits to employees as you see fit and can emphasize the value of what your employees will be receiving. 


Lewis & Palmer Benefits has quickly become a leading member of the industry, and we take our work very seriously. We are highly proactive in the way we work, fixing issues involving group coverage, researching and analyzing bills before our clients do, engaging employees and speaking about life changes, and reconciling billing. Lewis & Palmer Benefits can be a valuable asset for your small business. If you’re interested, please do not hesitate and schedule an appointment with us today!


Why Should I Consider Getting Group Health?

Don’t think employee benefits are right for your business? Think again! A common problem many companies in Fort Lauderdale face is maintaining trained staff members on their team. As a small business, you want to make your employees feel as if they’re a part of a family. Today, a salary isn’t enough to keep employees around. Many employees receive their health insurance through their employers, which is why choosing an employee benefit plan that provides group dental, life, and disability insurance is key for your small business. Offering group health allows your business to stand out against the competition and attract new employees in the future.


If an employee experiences an unplanned injury, the consequences involve your business. If your employees can’t afford the health bills, they may be unable to work or be obligated to seek another job. That’s a significant misfortune that could have been avoided with employee health insurance. By offering group health, you can improve your employee retention rate and attract ideal candidates when job openings appear.


Lewis & Palmer Benefits is committed to providing innovative solutions to the specific and changing needs in the area of Group Medical, Dental, Life, Disability, and Voluntary Benefits. We strive to pair the right coverage with the right provider at the right price for your small business. At Lewis & Palmer Benefits, we provide benefits for humans and find ways to say yes! If you’re ready to begin offering your hard-working employees group benefits, please contact us today at (877) 574-3571 to set up a free consultation. We look forward to working with you and finding ways we can benefit your small business.


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