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Group Benefits Margate

Having a small business in Fort Lauderdale can be stressful: managing employees, dealing with payroll, etc. A common problem with operating a small business is finding the right group benefits for your employees. With Lewis & Palmer Benefits, that problem can be eliminated! Usually, small business owners consult a broker, who speaks to an agent, who then receives various plans from different providers. By choosing Lewis & Palmer Benefits, we cut out the agent and deal directly with you about the available group benefits options. This approach is more direct and efficient with handling business. Our approach allows you to avoid any possible headaches and confusion that come with trying to reach the responsible party through an intermediary. Lewis & Palmer Benefits works directly with our clients to ensure that our clients are paying the same or less for the coverage and benefits we are providing.

Since group benefits can be a challenging topic to understand, Lewis & Palmer Benefits developed a small business owner’s guide to group benefits! Our guide provides step by step assistance in the group benefits process. It informs small business owners about how meetings will go. In our initial meeting, we will speak with everyone and gain more information about familial growth, life changes, moves, etc., so that we are adjusting plans accordingly. An essential piece of information Lewis & Palmer Benefits stresses to small business owners is that these are benefits, not rights. You can present these benefits to employees as you see fit and can emphasize the value of what your employees will be receiving. Lewis & Palmer Benefits has quickly become a leading member of the industry, and we take our work very seriously. We are highly proactive in the way we work, tending to issues with group coverage, looking and analyzing bills before our clients do, engaging employees and speaking about life changes, and reconciling billing. Lewis & Palmer Benefits is a valuable asset for your small business and why you should get in contact with us immediately!

Lewis & Palmer Benefits is committed to providing innovative solutions to the specific and changing needs in the area of Group Medical, Dental, Life, Disability, and Voluntary Benefits.

Our goal is to put together the right coverage with the right provider at the right price for our clients. We assist our clients through the process of choosing their product, enrollment, billing, and service. At Lewis & Palmer Benefits, we provide benefits for humans and find ways to say yes! If you’re ready to begin offering your hard-working employees group benefits, please contact us today at (877) 574-3571 to set up a free consultation. We look forward to working with you and finding ways we can benefit your company.

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We Provide Benefits for Humans and We Find Ways to Say Yes

We combine our client-centric approach with extensive experience in Employee Benefit Services to provide a holistic experience for our clients.

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