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Group Coverage | Employee Benefits

At Lewis & Palmer, we are helping our clients plan for tomorrow by taking action today with the best group health insurance and group coverage in Fort Lauderdale. Lewis& Palmer has the most extensive Employee Benefit Services in your area and we’re known for combining our client-centric approach with extensive experience to provide a unique holistic plan for our clients.

With all of that extra time at home during quarantine, you may have found yourself searching for the best company in Fort Lauderdale to choose for great group health insurance and group benefits. You can count on getting more for your money and more personalized attention from the employee benefits specialists at Lewis & Palmer. At Lewis & Palmer we offer more of everything:

  • More Life Insurance 
  • More Long Term Care Insurance 
  • More Executive Bonus Deferred Comp 
  • More Key Person Coverage  
  • More Business Continuation Planning 
  • More Disability Income Insurance

Group benefits and employee benefits can include all kinds of coverage for your business and your employees and they serve as a great incentive for your employees. With the help of Lewis & Palmer, your employees will know that they matter, that they’re a valued part of the team, and that their needs and interests are being looked after. When your employees feel that they are being offered the best group health insurance they are more apt to effectively do their job. If you’ve decided this is the perfect time to plan for tomorrow by investing in group health insurance, Lewis & Palmer has specialists on staff to aid you in the process today.

Plan For Tomorrow: Searching For Great Group Benefits

As you begin your research about getting group insurance quotes it’s important to know in advance what you can expect as you shop for group benefit plans and compare your options to enroll your employees in a group health insurance plan. Many people find that looking for group health insurance quotes can be a bit of a hassle. There are so many different options available so it can be challenging to pinpoint that perfect one to work for your team’s needs, but ultimately you will be looking for a policy that offers the optimal value and coverage. At Lewis & Palmer, our client-centric approach makes offering you employee benefits choices easier than ever. We work with you to understand your unique needs, budget, and can even help you with a customized combination of group products for your employees.

We offer a wide variety of group products including:
  • Group Health
  • HSA, FSA and HRA Plans
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Payroll and HRIS
  • Section 125 Admin
  • Workplace Benefits
  • Group Long Term Disability
  • Group Life

Understanding the ins-and-outs of health insurance can be tricky. Do you know what you should look for? Do you know what are the most important factors in finding the best group health insurance rate? You may even have questions about how recent health insurance laws will affect your business, or what kinds of group health plans are available now in 2020, or even how to go about applying for group health coverage amidst the pandemic. Lewis &Palmer is a great ally to have during these trying circumstances and to help guide you. Our specialists have years of experience in the field and are involved in all facets of curating and managing employee benefits. With innovative and flexible choices that can adapt to the needs of your team and your business, there’s no better employee and employer benefits company to work with than Lewis & Palmer.

At Lewis & Palmer, we understand that you want to take care of your employee family because you genuinely care for them and want them to do well and excel.  It makes sense that you would want to make sure that they are healthy, happy, and content working for your business. As an employer you want them to feel valued, the same way you want someone in your family to feel cared for and appreciated. 

So don’t delay or put off something that could potentially differentiate you from your competition and set you apart from other employers, and competitors in your field! Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can take care of today. For the best group health insurance quotes, contact Lewis &Palmer.  When you are ready to take that next step into a much brighter and successful future for you, your company, and your team, we’ve got you covered!

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We combine our client-centric approach with extensive experience in Employee Benefit Services to provide a holistic experience for our clients.

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