Employee Benefits: A Vital Aspect of Every Business

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Every company needs to have some form of employee benefits. Employees take care of the companies they work for by providing quality work and maintaining productivity. In return, all they expect is payment some benefits. Not only do employees put in the hours to deserve perks, but keeping employees happy is in the best interest of the company. 


Regardless of what the company is, happy employees almost always create a better and more productive atmosphere. The goal is to keep hard-working employees, not lose them to other companies and competitors. Too often, our team at Lewis & Palmer Benefits see companies provide less than what they should. Or, we see them uneducated on what benefits are out there and what they can offer employees. If this sounds like your company, don’t feel ashamed or stressed. Our team provides employee benefit services in Margate and can help you take care of your employees.


What Are Employee Benefits?

Every company varies with what employee benefits they offer employees. However, there is a standard that employees can expect their company to give them upon employment. These benefits get offered along with a living wage or salary. Some examples include vacation time, health insurance, dental and vision, profit sharing, retirement benefits, and overtime. The goal of these benefits is to keep the employee happy and content with their workplace. It’s difficult for people to work for or stay with a company that they do not think cares for them.


However, some companies still choose to offer too few or no benefits. But what companies do not realize is that it benefits them to provide a foundation of care and perks for employees. Not only does it help them retain employees, but it enforces a healthy work environment. Employees with healthcare benefits tend to miss fewer days of work due to sicknesses. Another thing to consider is that these benefits make you stand out from the competition. Not sure what benefits are best for your company? Our employee benefits services in Margate can give you some ideas.


What Group Benefits Do We Offer?


Whether your company has employee benefits or not, we can help. At Lewis & Palmer Benefits, we provide a wide array of perks for you to choose from. All of our group benefits options are great for employees and are bound to improve the work culture. To give you a better idea of what we have to offer at a company with employee benefit services in Margate, Florida, we’ll go over each option.


The first, and arguably one of the most important, is health insurance. Everyone needs to see the doctor, but doing so can get incredibly expensive without health insurance. Having this core benefit will show employees that you care about their general wellbeing. It will also reduce their stress as healthcare is covered. Along with healthcare insurance, we have HSA plans as an option. This perk opens up a health savings account for employees so that they can enjoy tax perks. The next is group life or life insurance. 


Many companies do not offer this benefit; however, life insurance is very beneficial for all. We also have long-term and short-term disabilities for those who need extra help. This benefit can help disabled employees pay for their expenses. Voluntary benefits are next on the list and include insurance coverage for auto accidents, critical illness, disability, and life. Last but not least, we have HRIS and payroll. This perk benefits the employer and employee by making it easier to calculate hours worked and attendance. Not only does it take a load off the company, but it makes it easier for employees to check out your stats.


Call Today for a Free Consultation

Did you just open a business? Or are you looking to add employee benefits to your company? If so, our employee benefits services in Margate, Florida, can help you. Your employees may be happy and healthy right now, but sometimes life happens. Whether your employees require emergency medical services or cannot afford a doctor’s appointment out of pocket, it’s critical to have benefits that help them. Not only does offering benefits keep your staff content and healthy, but it can improve their work performance. 


A productive work environment truly is a give-and-take setting. To learn more, check out our website. And for a free consultation, give our team a call at 1-877-LP-HELP-1.

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