What are the Advantages of Group Health Insurance in Fort Lauderdale?

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Group Health Insurance Fort Lauderdale | Group Insurance

There are many advantages to group health insurance in Fort Lauderdale, which equals savings for both the employer and employee. Group health insurance usually offers flexible plans to make it easier for employees to choose affordable insurance for themselves and their families. By providing it to a larger group of people who share in the insurance costs, everyone saves. This also allows the employer to provide better insurance plans at lower prices and offer the most extensive coverage for pre-existing conditions. Most would agree that employees who qualify for group health insurance from their employer are wise to take advantage of it. At Lewis & Palmer Benefits, we offer a wide range of flexible insurance products that will cover a wide range of employees’ needs such as health, dental, vision, life, accident insurance policies, and more. What’s more, we tailor our plans to your company’s specific needs and the employees involved. We make selecting a group benefits package easy because we know that you value your employees and want to make sure they receive the best choices available.

What are the Most Common Types of Group Health Insurance Policies?

There are a few different types of group insurance policies, but they generally fall into three of the most common categories:

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): This type of group insurance plan policy that generally restricts care to doctors that work for or contract with the HMO. Out of network care is usually not covered except in cases of emergencies. To be eligible for an HMO, an employee must meet specific criteria such as choosing a doctor in their service area.
  • PPO Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): This type of group insurance type policy consists of an extensive network of medical providers such as doctor offices and hospitals. These providers enter into contracts with the insurance companies to be able to offer services to you. An employee pays less for using providers within the plan’s network, and the employee can use out of network providers, but they’ll almost always end up paying more for out of network services. PPOs offer an extensive list of providers, and employees can usually find a doctor they like.
  • EPO: Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO): This type of group insurance policy is a specific network of medical providers, and only in-network costs are covered. Unlike a PPO, employees on this type of plan cannot choose a doctor out of their network.

Group health insurance contributes to a more positive work environment.

Offering health benefits to employees provides a great incentive for an employee to stay on board with your company. More and more employers are wisely offering group health benefits to their employees. As a result, they are finding and retaining invaluable talent who can help them improve their company. Today, many employers have trouble keeping employees, especially those who are valuable. That is because the best employees are often scooped up by other companies which offer higher salaries and better insurance incentives. So, whether you operate a retail establishment, a doctor’s office, or a real estate agency, providing group health insurance will help to foster:

  • Employees who want to build a career with your company.
  • Employees who feel secure in their position.
  • Employees who feel appreciated and valued for their experience.
  • Employees who wish to help you grow your business.
  • Employees who want to help their colleagues succeed.

Are you ready to learn more?

At Lewis & Palmer Benefits, we want to help your company succeed. We have the expertise to help your company elevate its position with employees and become a very desirable company to work for. Our knowledgeable insurance agents are experts in their field. They will take the time to educate you and find you the best group benefits perfect for your situation. Our team stays current on all market trends and can offer you the best group insurance products, whether you need medical, dental, disability, life, or voluntary benefits.  Each package is tailored to offer the coverage you need and is always within your budget. Don’t waste another minute! Call (877)-LP-HELP-1 now or visit www.lpbenfits.com to find out more about our team and the great group health insurance plans we offer in Fort Lauderdale.

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