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What are Group Benefits?

Essentially, group benefits are employee or employer benefits that can include all kinds of coverages for your business and your employee. They can serve as a great incentive for your employees, as they want to know that they matter, that they’re a cherished part of the team and that their needs and interests are being looked after. Group benefits are a great way to ensure that each one of your employees has what they need in order to more effectively do their job. Whether you’re leading a small business or a larger corporation with far more employees to look after, group benefits is a feature you will definitely want to consider if you plan on prospering your business from the inside out. Luckily for you, if you’ve decided this is the perfect time to invest in group insurance, Lewis & Palmer Benefits has specialists on staff to aid you in the process.

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Searching for a Company that Offers Great Group Benefits?

There isn’t a stark difference between managing a small business and a large corporation in the sense that no matter the size of the business itself, you will always depend on a great team to carry out excellent services. If you already have the team of your dreams by your side, you will want to ensure that they’re motivated to work for your company, and that they feel they’re an important addition to the company, and what could be a better way to achieve that than providing exceptional group benefits. Perhaps, you’ve already considered this option but you’re not sure how to go about acquiring group benefits for your team members. If that’s the case,Lewis &Palmer Benefits is a great ally to have in these circumstances. Our specialists have years of experience in the field and are involved in all facets of the design and management of employee benefits. With innovative and flexible choices that can adapt both, to the needs of your team and your business, there’s no better employee and employer benefits company to work with.

Group Products
We offer a wide variety of group products
Our client-centric approach makes offering benefits easier than ever. We work with you to understand your unique needs and budget, and help you offer a customized combination of group products to your employees and members of your organization.
  • Group Health
  • HSA, FSA and HRA Plans
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Payroll and HRIS
  • Section 125 Admin
  • Workplace Benefits
  • Group Long Term Disability
  • Group Life
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Contact Lewis & Palmer Benefits for Excellent Group Benefits
Now that you’re better informed about group benefits and the ways they can benefit your team and therefore your business, let us share more information about how Lewis & Palmer Benefits makes the experience a productive and timely one. Once you schedule an appointment to meet with one of our specialists, we make sure we have a great understanding of your business and your team, which includes having a grasp on their needs and expectations. With this in mind, we will be able to offer you the benefit options that could work best for your individual case, developing a comprehensive and customized plan in the process. Here, you’ll learn more about employer, employee, and broker benefits, and how each one plays a role in prospering your business. Contact us today and schedule an initial appointment to discuss the best course of action. We’re delighted to help you take your business to the next level!

Group Health Insurance

By offering group health insurance, your employees can enjoy health insurance at a reduced cost.

HSA Plans

Health savings accounts are beneficial for your employees, allowing them to benefit from tax-advantage savings.

Voluntary Benefits

These include accident insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance.

Payroll and HRIS

Calculating employee work hours and attendance leaves no room for error, and a good HRIS software can help with this.

Workplace Benefits

Keeping your employees happy is made easier when you trust us to help you offer attractive workplace benefits.

Group Short Term Disability

Group short term disability plans help your employees by replacing lost income due to illness or injury. Most injuries and illnesses are not prolonged but rather short in duration.

Group Long Term Disability

The prolonged absence of an employee can affect that person’s ability to make a living and have a significant impact on your ability to run your business.

Group Life

By offering group life insurance you provide a measure of security to your employee's families in the event of an untimely death. Our team can help you decide what you should offer and what amount of coverage is ideal and affordable.

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Employing a Company for Professional Payroll Services

Managing a business of any size can be quite stressful. If the business you’re in charge of is smaller, sure, the pressure may not be as great but it is still a great responsibility and one that you need to handle gracefully. As a business owner, you will need to make sure that each area of your company is running smoothly and in order to do so there are certain tasks that you may have to oversee. One of these duties includes ensuring that the payroll system is working properly and that your employees are fulfilled and satisfied whilst working in your business, so that they can maximize their time in the company and always bring their best selves to the table. While some business owners choose to handle this aspect of management on their own, having a team of professionals that can successfully and rapidly help you carry out this process, is something you will highly want to consider as you move forward in efforts to grow your business. With thorough and productive payroll services, this process will be made much easier.

The Team at Lewis & Palmer Provides Exceptional Payroll Services

Lewis & Palmer only employs specialists who have years of accumulated experience, vast knowledge and the necessary resources to work in their area of focus. Since the beginning, our commitment to provide unparalleled payroll services has set us apart, and thankfully we have the privilege of having a team who can deliver on our promise for exceptional results. Once you reach out to us, we will meet with you and develop a plan that works for your business. With the best technology at our disposal, we can set up a payroll system that makes the process go at a faster speed with the same level of accuracy and transparency you need. There’s no need to pick one thing over the other, because our team of experts possesses the tools to provide you both.

More Effective Managing with Lewis & Palmer Payroll Services

Proper administering of your payroll doesn’t only guarantee that your employees are getting paid on time and that they are being managed adequately but it also means that you can dedicatemore time to your business. With the help of comprehensive and pre-programmed payroll systems and the aid of studied experts by your side, what used to be a stressful and time-consuming process, could now be made much more fruitful. Needless to say, our payroll services also have incredibly convenient features that allow employees to view their accounts and have access to their latest payrolls and more. Whether you’re leading a small business or a larger corporation, having a team who can best advice and assist you with payroll services, is a great asset and addition to your current system. For experts with great caliber and experience, reachout to the wonderful team at Lewis & Palmer Benefits for a consult.

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The Small Business Owners Guide to Group Benefits

Small business owners play a crucial role in the American economy, and the businesses they represent are at the very heart of our economy and society, which is why it’s essential that they are receiving the assistance they require in all sectors. This is how we ensure that they continue to prosper society as a whole. Group benefits are instrumental in aiding small businesses protect their business, as well as their employees. Although the road could at times seem confusing, it doesn’t have to be. With Lewis & Palmer Benefits by your side and the small business owners guide to group benefits to consult, the process can be free of complications and made much more effective and beneficial for you.

Practical Application
Key Observations within the Small Business Owners Guide to Group Benefits
Many times, when a small business owner wants to provide their employees insurance and other pivotal benefits, they will consult a broker who will then get in contact with an agent, who in turn will give the broker plans from different providers. In our case, we cut out the agent, which makes the process much more practical for all parties involved. This means that if you’re ever interested in switching the plan you’ve selected, or you have an urgent question that needs immediate answers, you can contact us and only us. Throughout our time working in the industry, we have discovered that this is a more direct and therefore, efficient way of doing things. You can avoid any possible headaches and confusion when you’re able to reach the responsible party, directly,without a middle man involved. With each and every plan that comes your way, we ultimately want to ensure that our clients are paying the same or less for the coverage and benefits we are providing.
Provide Assistance
Without the proper assistance, you can feel lost and forgotten, as if no one is looking out for you.
In order to avoid this, our team of professionals at Lewis & Palmer Benefits makes sure you not only have access to the small business owners guide to group benefits, we have so carefully assembled, but that all small business owners also have step by step assistance in the process itself. Before you’re set up with any group benefits plan, we want to make certain that you and your employees know how to utilize your benefits plan to the fullest. In our initial meeting, we will speak with everyone and gain more information about familial growth, life changes, moves, etc., so that we are adjusting plans accordingly. Equally important, we make sure to stress to small business owners that these are benefits and not rights, so that they can present it to employees as such and they can see the value in what they’re receiving. Lewis & Palmer has quickly become a leading member in the industry, providing benefits for both employers and employees, and helping you, as a small business owner, attract great employees and keep them there. We are highly proactive in the way we work, tending to issues with group coverage, looking and analyzing bills before our clients do, engaging employees and speaking about life changes, and reconciling billing. These are just a few of the things that make Lewis & Palmer a valuable asset for your small business and why you will want to get in touch with us right away.

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Additional Benefits

It is our priority to stay abreast of changing market trends and put together the right coverage with the right provider at the right price for our clients.
Life Insurance
Help you decide
Life insurance comes in many forms and can provide various solutions. While the death benefit is the most common reason to buy life insurance, the contract can also provide supplemental income during retirement years.
Executive Bonus Deferred Comp
Best for you
An executive bonus deferred compensation plan lets you, the employer, put a guaranteed supplemental amount of your executive’s earnings aside for a later date like retirement. This valuable benefit serves not only as a bonus plan but also enhances retention. Should you offer a deferred compensation plan? Speak with a knowledgeable member of our team today and tell us about your business so we can help you decide what is best for your individual circumstances.
Business Continuation Plan
Systems of prevention
How will your business continue if you are disabled or unable to work? Will your business survive if you don’t? Our team has decades of experience to help construct the right plan for you and your business.
Long Term Care Insurance
Available options
Long term care insurance helps protect the nest egg that you have spent so many years building. It helps cover the cost of quality care for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it while preserving the family assets. Contact us today to learn more about the long term care insurance options available to you.
Key Person Coverage
Successful operation
If you have a key employee or partner, you know how integral they are to the operation of your business. Key person insurance can help with the successful operation of your business in the event of losing such an essential person.
Disability Income Insurance
Disability income insurance can protect a large percentage of income should you suffer an illness or injury that prohibits you from working. Speak with a member of our team today and let us help you determine the proper amount of coverage.

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