Why Not Consider Group Insurance Benefits?

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Group Benefits Ft Laurderdale

Finding the right group benefits package for your employees can be challenging.  It is true that today many employers no longer provide workers with health care. As a result, people find themselves unable to purchase affordable insurance for themselves and their family. Medical care is something that everyone needs and for those that don’t have it, it can be a constant cause of stress and worry. Besides offering access to affordable health services, group benefits can help a business thrive. Here are just some of the reasons why group health insurance makes sense to help grow your business: 

Access to Better Care 

At Lewis and Palmer, obtaining group insurance from our convenient Margate location has never been easier. When you have affordable medical or dental care, you tend to take better care of yourself and your family. It is a fact that scheduling regular checkups and visits with your doctor can only result in a better quality of life.  

Affordable Care 

Group coverage ensures that the health insurance costs for your employees will be manageable. Typically, group benefits protect employees from rising health care costs. Employees are protected financially from burdensome debts that often arise from major illnesses or injuries. Without the worry of medical bills hanging over their heads, employees are more likely to stay in their positions. This will save you from having to train another employee which often results in loss of time and money for your company.  

Employee Loyalty Increases 

In a recent survey, 78% of small business employers have noted that when group benefits are part of the hiring package, employee loyalty increases and turnover decreases. Lewis and Palmer offers a variety of group benefit plans in our conveniently located Margate office. We provide more than just benefits, but also piece of mind for your employees. We will assist you through the entire process, from enrollment, billing, and claims, to choosing the perfect product(s). 

Tax Benefits  

Did you know that medical expenses for employees are 100% tax deductible at the state and federal level, and the Affordable Care Act provides tax credits against insurance for small businesses? This is just another reason why your business should begin to enjoy the profits that come from retaining employees who, with your help, can achieve a healthy work-life balance. What more does an employer want then an employee who is happy and wants to remain at your company long term? 

Improved Employee Recruitment and Retention 

Looking to hire new employees takes time and costs money. Offering affordable group insurance benefits will help you retain talented employees longer. Many employers have noticed that offering a package that includes health insurance might even help to lower initial salary offerings.  

Lewis and Palmer has the expertise to help your business succeed. They will take care to educate you and find you the right group benefits. From our main location in Margate, we stay abreast of all market trends and can offer you the best group products, whether it is medical, dental, disability, life, or voluntary benefits. Each package is tailored to offer the coverage you need at an affordable price. Why wait? Call (877)-LPHELP1, or visit www.lpbenfits.com to find out more. 

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