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The Small Business Owners Guide to Group Benefits

Small business owners play a crucial role in the American economy, and the businesses they represent are at the very heart of our economy and society, which is why it’s essential that they are receiving the assistance they require in all sectors. This is how we ensure that they continue to prosper society as a whole. Group benefits are instrumental in aiding small businesses protect their business, as well as their employees. Although the road could at times seem confusing, it doesn’t have to be. With Lewis & Palmer Benefits by your side and the small business owners guide to group benefits to consult, the process can be free of complications and made much more effective and beneficial for you.

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Key Observations within the Small Business Owners Guide to Group Benefits

Many times, when a small business owner wants to provide their employees insurance and other pivotal benefits, they will consult a broker who will then get in contact with an agent, who in turn will give the broker plans from different providers. In our case, we cut out the agent, which makes the process much more practical for all parties involved. This means that if you’re ever interested in switching the plan you’ve selected, or you have an urgent question that needs immediate answers, you can contact us and only us. Throughout our time working in the industry, we have discovered that this is a more direct and therefore, efficient way of doing things. You can avoid any possible headaches and confusion when you’re able to reach the responsible party, directly,without a middle man involved. With each and every plan that comes your way, we ultimately want to ensure that our clients are paying the same or less for the coverage and benefits we are providing.

Consult Our Professionals & the Small Business Owners Guide to Group Benefits

Without the proper assistance, you can feel lost and forgotten, as if no one is looking out for you. In order to avoid this, our team of professionals at Lewis & Palmer Benefits makes sure you not only have access to the small business owners guide to group benefits, we have so carefully assembled, but that all small business owners also have step by step assistance in the process itself. Before you’re set up with any group benefits plan, we want to make certain that you and your employees know how to utilize your benefits plan to the fullest. In our initial meeting, we will speak with everyone and gain more information about familial growth, life changes, moves, etc., so that we are adjusting plans accordingly. Equally important, we make sure to stress to small business owners that these are benefits and not rights, so that they can present it to employees as such and they can see the value in what they’re receiving. Lewis & Palmer has quickly become a leading member in the industry, providing benefits for both employers and employees, and helping you, as a small business owner, attract great employees and keep them there. We are highly proactive in the way we work, tending to issues with group coverage, looking and analyzing bills before our clients do, engaging employees and speaking about life changes, and reconciling billing. These are just a few of the things that make Lewis & Palmer a valuable asset for your small business and why you will want to get in touch with us right away.

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