Group Benefits

What are Group Benefits?

Essentially, group benefits are employee or employer benefits that can include all kinds of coverages for your business and your employee. They can serve as a great incentive for your employees, as they want to know that they matter, that they’re a cherished part of the team and that their needs and interests are being looked after. Group benefits are a great way to ensure that each one of your employees has what they need in order to more effectively do their job. Whether you’re leading a small business or a larger corporation with far more employees to look after, group benefits is a feature you will definitely want to consider if you plan on prospering your business from the inside out. Luckily for you, if you’ve decided this is the perfect time to invest in group insurance, Lewis & Palmer Benefits has specialists on staff to aid you in the process.

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Searching for a Company that Offers Great Group Benefits?

There isn’t a stark difference between managing a small business and a large corporation in the sense that no matter the size of the business itself, you will always depend on a great team to carry out excellent services. If you already have the team of your dreams by your side, you will want to ensure that they’re motivated to work for your company, and that they feel they’re an important addition to the company, and what could be a better way to achieve that than providing exceptional group benefits. Perhaps, you’ve already considered this option but you’re not sure how to go about acquiring group benefits for your team members. If that’s the case,Lewis &Palmer Benefits is a great ally to have in these circumstances. Our specialists have years of experience in the field and are involved in all facets of the design and management of employee benefits. With innovative and flexible choices that can adapt both, to the needs of your team and your business, there’s no better employee and employer benefits company to work with.

Group Products

Our client-centric approach makes offering benefits easier than ever. We work with you to understand your unique needs and budget, and help you offer a customized combination of group products to your employees and members of your organization.

We offer a wide variety of group products including:
Group Health
HSA, FSA and HRA Plans
Voluntary Benefits
Payroll and HRIS
Section 125 Admin
Workplace Benefits
Group Long Term Disability
Group Life
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Contact Lewis & Palmer Benefits for Excellent Group Benefits

Now that you’re better informed about group benefits and the ways they can benefit your team and therefore your business, let us share more information about how Lewis & Palmer Benefits makes the experience a productive and timely one. Once you schedule an appointment to meet with one of our specialists, we make sure we have a great understanding of your business and your team, which includes having a grasp on their needs and expectations. With this in mind, we will be able to offer you the benefit options that could work best for your individual case, developing a comprehensive and customized plan in the process. Here, you’ll learn more about employer, employee, and broker benefits, and how each one plays a role in prospering your business. Contact us today and schedule an initial appointment to discuss the best course of action. We’re delighted to help you take your business to the next level!

Group Health Insurance

By offering group health insurance, your employees can enjoy health insurance at a reduced cost.

HSA Plans

Health savings accounts are beneficial for your employees, allowing them to benefit from tax-advantage savings.

Voluntary Benefits

These include accident insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance.

Payroll and HRIS

Calculating employee work hours and attendance leaves no room for error, and a good HRIS software can help with this.

Workplace Benefits

Keeping your employees happy is made easier when you trust us to help you offer attractive workplace benefits.

Group Short Term Disability

Group disability plans can help your employees by covering their personal expenses.

Group Long Term Disability

The prolonged absence of an employee can affect that person’s ability to make a living and have a significant impact on your ability to run your business.

Group Life

As an employer, you have the option to provide life insurance coverage to your employees, you also have the option to buy supplemental group life insurance.

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