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Employees are a funny bunch, aren’t they? Not ‘ha ha’ funny, but funny as in tricky to manage.
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Employees are a funny bunch, aren’t they? Not ‘ha ha’ funny, but funny as in tricky to manage. The bad ones are always over staying their welcome and holding their hand out, and the good ones are always looking for the next big challenge; when it finally arrives, they’re bolting out the door and moving onto greener pastures.

Training new employees is always a drain on the bottom line, a problem made worse by the fact that you don’t have any guarantees your expensive training sessions are going to pay off in a long-term employee.

So, you need a clear strategy which will help you to attract new employees, motivate them so they don’t get bored, and retain them so your investment in their training has time to realize a decent return.

Create a Positive Working Environment

If your work environment has an aura of doom and gloom, or your employees feel like they are always chasing carrots on sticks, then your employee retention rate is going to start pointing downwards.

Create a positive work environment by making your employees feel like a valuable part of the team. Listen to their ideas and give credit where credit is due.

Ensure that all your staff maintain a positive balance between work and life as this will increase their morale. Provide family friendly benefits to keep your turnover to a minimum.

Health Care Cover

Health care is something we all need from time to time but as costs rise peace of mind can plummet. Your employees will feel secure and protected if your organization has a health care system in place that provides a safety net for them and their families. For more information on this area, you can always contact Lewis & Palmer and talk to one of our representatives.

Flexible Work Hours

Life doesn’t stop between nine and five, and when both parents are working it can pose quite the organizational challenge. Occasionally your employees are going to need a little leeway in their work hours to take care of kids, go to teacher-parent meetings, or get the car serviced.


People like to feel that they are growing in experience and value in an organization. Most don’t join with the expectation that they will be doing the same job until the grave, and expect the occasional promotion with the obligatory pay grade bump.

If employees feel they can offer more value to a company but have gone as far as they can go in your business, then they are likely to take their skillset to another organization.

Remove their barriers for expansion and reward their growing skill set with an internal promotion.

Office Perks

Many organizations are seeing great improvements in retention rates when they create a more fun office space. A few ideas that have worked in the past are gaming rooms, pool tables, and catered lunches.

Company celebrations such as regular birthday parties, holiday dinners, and happy hours on Friday after work are a great way for employees to form bonds with their co-workers.

It’s a lot more uplifting going to work with your mates than working with a bunch of faces you barely know.

These benefits work because they have one thing in common – they promote a stimulating work environment. Give your employees recognition for their efforts, room to grow, and the flexibility to deal with irregularities of family life and you will attract quality staff and retain them as quality employees for longer.

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