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LP Benefits has Payroll Solutions to help you focus on what you do best

Every successful business owner knows that they need to focus on their own core competencies and those of their teams rather than ancillary business activities. Especially when just starting out, they really do not have the time, energy nor inclination to be distracted with things administrative functions such as payroll. Still, everyone must get paid.

At Lewis & Palmer Benefits, we understand this dilemma. In fact, our team has built a business around the administration of payroll and other HR functions for other companies. It is our core competency – we focus on nothing else. Here is how we can help you:

Payroll administration – At LP Benefits, we can coordinate your employee payroll. We are experienced with dealing with the tax implications of payroll on a municipal, state and Federal level. We can competently handle all administrative and reporting activities for your company and guarantee complete and timely compliance.

Benefits oversight – Similarly, the team at LP Benefits can oversee the administration of your employee and management benefits packages. We will ensure that the proper payroll deductions are made and can also act as a liaison between your employees, your company and the benefits provider. It is just one more way we can make your life easier in the running of your company.

Financial solutions – Not all compensation is based on salary. The experts at LP Benefits understand this fact and are prepared to help you and your executives manage such things as succession planning and retirement packages. We can explain everything from the initial calculations through the tax advantages to the final settlements.

There are many other factors that fall under the aegis of payroll administration. Ensure that your company is taking advantage of everyone. For further information on the benefits of proper payroll solutions for your company, please contact the experienced team at Lewis & Palmer Benefits. We can be found online at LPBenefits.com or reached directly at 954-308-7204.