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Open enrollment to purchase health insurance is approaching

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as “Obamacare”, will open its enrollment period for coverage in 2017 from November 1, 2016 through Janua

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LP Benefits has Payroll Solutions to help you focus on what you do best

Every successful business owner knows that they need to focus on their own core competencies and those of their teams rather than ancillary business activities.

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Employee Benefit plans to motivate your team

Nowadays, dangling an attractive salary in front of a prospective hire doesn't always guarantee his acceptance of the position. Numerous studies have shown that

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Are you using your organization’s voluntary insurance benefits?

Voluntary insurance benefits often go unnoticed yet they are an excellent benefit to you as an employee.  The beauty of this type of insurance is that it is pr

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Are you taking full advantage of your employee benefits program?

Employee benefits are often used as a draw card to secure the most talented employees. A good employee benefits package includes a health, dental, and vision in

Health Insurance

Creative employee benefits to motivate your team

Nowadays, it is tougher than ever to retain top notch employees. One of the best ways to keep talent on-board is to offer creative benefits. Employers who are a

Health Insurance

Recent labor laws you should be aware of and how they affect your employee handbooks

Your employee handbook helps establish the culture of your business environment for employees and defines the expectations you have of your employees as well as

Health Insurance

3 reasons group health benefits help to retain employees and create raving fans

Every business owner and manager should understand the value of employee retention. Unhappy employees who jump ship for new opportunities cause significant setb

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