Are you ready for Afforable Care Act Health Insurance Open Enrollment?

Enrolling for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) provides a number of benefits, particularly for low and middle-income families, as well as businesses. Doing so during the annual enrollment period is a sure-fire way to save money. It represents an opportunity to reconsider your healthcare coverage. As the 2017 enrollment season nears, it is the ideal time to begin planning.

Open Enrollment begins on November 1, 2016. Since last year’s enrollment period some changes have been applied that you need to know about.

Affordable Care Act Changes for 2017

As the regulatory framework for the Affordable Care Act continues to change, it brings a number key benefits to policyholders. As can be expected, 2016 ushered in its fair share of updates.

Some the changes include the following:

  • Health insurance tax waiver for 2017 – this leads to a significant reduction in premiums and overall costs (up to 3 percent).
  • Affordable Care Act reinsurance program discontinued for 2017 – the program conducted assessments on payers and distributed proceeds to insurance providers with non-group enrollees.
  • Changes to the SEP rules – aimed at addressing concerns by insurers when it comes to adverse selection from SEP enrollees.

How To Enroll In Obamacare

Enrolling in Obamacare is as easy as clicking your mouse. When you go online to enroll you will want to gather your family’s tax information, as well as your own. You will also need to provide relevant information about each of your family members that is obtaining health insurance. If you or anyone in your family already has health insurance you must provide pertinent information about it.

Why You Need Obamacare

Obtaining insurance through the marketplace will allow you to get proper healthcare for yourself and your family. It will give you peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones are taken care of.


Carefully reviewing your options during the open enrollment period will undoubtedly help you make a well-informed decision. Whether you take prescription medication or are planning to have a baby, it is vital to consider enrolling through an approved health insurance marketplace. Missing out on an open enrollment period can translate to tax penalties on your tax return for 2016.